The St. Martinai??i??s Altar Guild exists to assist the clergy and to carry out the wishes of the Rector in regard to the care and preparation of the Altar. Members of the Altar Guild are appointed by the Rector and must earnestly dedicate themselves to their work by placing love for Christ above all personal feelings and by working together with the clergy and fellow members in peace, devotion, and loyalty. The external manifestation of this spirit is the cleanliness,punctuality, care, and reverence with which members carry out the duties that support worship in God’s house.

Altar Guild members make preparations before each service and clean up afterward.They also prepare The Church or Chapel for any special services, such as Confirmation, Baptisms, and funerals/memorial services. They are also responsible for laundering, ironing, and mending communion linens, and for
maintaining the Church’s silver, brass, candles, vestments, and sacristies. They arrange flowers to be delivered to the sick on a weekly basis, and take apart and distribute as needed the flowers following any special services in the Church.



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