Baptism and Baptism Instruction

The great occasion of Holy Baptism–when a child is born again, receives Christ through the faith of the parent(s) and godparents, and is made a full member of the Church–is a time of celebration for the child’s immediate family and friends. At St. Martinai??i??s, this sacrament of new birth is normally done at private service Purchase lady era reviews in the Chapel on a Saturday.

As an integral part of baptism, there are regularly conducted Baptism Instruction Classes. These are to be attended by parent(s) and godparents, unless they have been previously instructed. The focus is on the service of baptism–what to do, where to sit, what to say–and also the meaning of baptism. Further it explains how to be a good godparent. Godparents should be practicing, baptized Christians and individuals who will be good examples to the godchild. They need not be Episcopalian, but they need to be able to take the required promises in good faith.

Baptism instruction is usually scheduled on Saturday of alternating months in the Chapel from 10 ai??i?? 11 a.m. Parent(s) and godparents may attend prior to the birth of a child, as well as afterward. Reservations must be made with Cyndy Ensign at either or 713/985-3808. Childcare is available for children Pre-K and under with advance reservations. To reserve child care, please contact Cyndy Ensign at either or 713/985-3808 no later than two business days prior to the baptism instruction class. When leaving a message, include the name, date and time of your event, the number and ages of your children, your name and telephone number. If you have reserved child care and need to cancel, please call Cyndy Ensign to cancel, including the above information.

By way of reminder, in an emergency such as the possibility of death, any baptized Christian may baptize another by pouring water over the child or person and saying the words, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Such baptism should be reported to the church office immediately. If the baptized person recovers, a service of reception takes place in the church. Reference to this service is on page 313 of the Book of Common Prayer.

Both the Instruction and Baptism are a happy and proud time to give Himalaya lasuna price thanks to God for the gift and heritage of a child. Through Baptism we give our best, lovingly, obediently, and expectantly. The clergy and congregation eagerly join you in this great occasion.

If you are having a photographer or someone is taking pictures at the baptism, please remember baptism is a ai???Sacramentai??? and no pictures may be taken during the actual baptism service. Pictures may be taken before and after the baptism. Please remind family and friends of this policy.

For more information about baptism or to schedule a date, please contact Cyndy Ensign at either or 713/985-3808.

Baptism Receptions

Receptions following a baptism may be held at St. Martinai??i??s Church when there are no activities already scheduled on the Churchai??i??s Master Calendar at the requested time. Please check with the Pastoral Care office for more information.


Baptisms are typically held privately or in small groups, and are preceded by baptismal instruction for the parents and godparents. If the candidate for baptism is an adult, preparation also is appropriate. Baptism instruction classes are scheduled throughout the year. Please use the contact form below for more information about baptisms.