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About Us


Founded in 1952, St. Martin’s is the largest Episcopal Church in the United States, with nearly 8,700 Baptized members. With an emphasis on beautiful liturgy, thought-provoking messages and excellence in music, St. Martinai??i??s offers numerous opportunities to give thanks and praise to God. Five services are offered Sundays, and three services are available Wednesdays. The beautiful campus is home to St. Martinai??i??s Episcopal Preschool, The Island youth center, the Hope and Healing Center and hosts more than 15,000 events each year, including the Joy of Giving Market, reVision activities for gang-affected youth, and the annual Conspire Conference, a weekend gathering for youth that centers on helping students connect with one another and learning who they are in Christ.

Core Values

To glorify God Purchase carbozyne testimonials in all we do, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church affirms and values:

The Christian FaithAi??- As affirmed by the worldwide Anglican Communion which emphasizes the Holy Scriptures as the primary authority and guide for individual faith and practice.

WorshipAi??- Based on traditional Anglican theology, liturgy and the Christian Sacraments, always striving to offer God our very best in prayer, preaching and music in an inspirational setting.

DiscipleshipAi??- Bringing as many people as possible into a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and enabling each of us to be transformed into disciples of Jesus Christ through participation in the ministries of St. Martin’s.

MinistryAi??- Ministering to those in spiritual, emotional and physical need through Pastoral Care and Outreach programs designed to serve the St. Martin’s church family and our entire community.

StewardshipAi??- Becoming faithful stewards of our time, talent and treasure for the ultimate glory of God, the growth of His Kingdom and as an example to others.

FellowshipAi??- Providing a Christian home for individuals and families seeking to experience and share Christian fellowship and community.

Our Mission

To bring by the power of the Holy Spirit as many people as possible to know, love, and serve God as revealed through Jesus Christ; and to be transformed into spiritually renewed disciples of Jesus who know, love and serve one another and the world.