The death of a loved one always brings sadness, pain, confusion, and physical and mental anguish. By providing this information, we hope that you will be aided in having a natural and reasonable period of grief. Our deepest desire is to be of service to you in this time when someone you love has departed this life, and ensure that the Burial Service for the departed person is done with beauty, dignity, warmth and the blessed hope of everlasting life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


It is most appropriate for baptized Christians to be buried from the church. The Senior Associate Rector for Pastoral Care, the Rev. Martin J. Bastian, will assist you with making the arrangements for the Burial Office, whether it is a funeral or memorial service. It is important to keep in mind that the service for The Burial of the Dead as it is found in The Book of Common Prayer is designed to incorporate anthem, Scripture, hymns and prayers in keeping with our Anglican heritage and Episcopal traditions. Therefore, we are prevented from using materials that are not authorized for such use by the Episcopal Church in the USA. If you desire to include elements that are not directly related to Christian faith (i.e. military, Masonic Orders, other clubs or groups) we ask that these be added outside the elements of the service of Christian burialai??i??including the Christian dismissal at the graveside or interment. It has become customary, when there is an interment, to schedule the funeral service after the burial.


Please feel free to request any cleric on the staff of St. Martin’s to officiate at or to participate in the service. The choice is up to you. All of our clergy wish to be of help whenever possible. Regardless of which clergy will participate in the service, the arrangements for the service are still made with the Rev. Martin J. Bastian, Senior Associate Rector for Pastoral Care. He may be reached at either or 713-621-3040.


Information on receptions is available on request.


We are here to provide comfort, support and planning in your time of need. Our urn gardens, The Garden of the Holy Cross and The Garden of the Holy Cross-Riverway, offer a place for prayer, meditation and quiet beauty. Please use the contact form below if you have questions about funerals.