Sunday Breakfast

Adults $5.00
Children Under 10 $2.00

 Sunday Lunch

Adults $10.00
Children Under 10 $5.00

Weekday Lunch Service

Price List:

Entrée and 2 Sides $8.50
Entrée and 1 Side $6.75
Entrée Only $5.50
Vegetable Sides $2.00
Dinner Salad $2.00
Fruit Salad $3.00
Vegetable Plate $6.00
Desserts $2.00
Cookies $.75
Chips $.50
Soda/Bottled Water $1.00
Tea $.50
Salad Bar (Including Dressing) $6.50/Lb.
Extra Salad Dressing $.50/cup
Cup Soup $1.50
Bowl Soup $3.00
Pint Soup $5.00


 *Scheduled meals may be changed due to church-wide events

Café St. Martin’s is located in St. Elisabeth’s Refectory of Bagby Parish Hall. Bring a friend and enjoy great food and fellowship. To find Café St. Martin’s, look for Bagby Parish Hall on our campus map. To receive an e-mail of daily menu offerings, please send your e-mail address to Roger Swanson. For carry-out, please call 713-985-3847.