Julio Flores- Julio is our Sous Chef and brings a lifetime of culinary experience to our kitchen that he is well respected for.  Julio is responsible for the Entrees & Sides on our daily menu.  Julio’s talent is remarkable as can be seen, and tasted in the weekly offerings that can be found here in the Café.

Ben Davenport- Ben is our Chef Assistant, he graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Houston Community College and has received Sommelier training.  His talent can be tasted weekly with the fresh selections that are offered in our Soup Du Jour as well as his finishing touches on both Entrees & Sides.

Jose Mendez- Jose is our Kitchen Assistant. He is truly our ‘every man’ and can do anything in the kitchen, including maintenance. Jose assists in every area of production of our daily menu from main dishes to tea service.  Jose is the friendly face of our main register that greets each guest as a family member.

Roxanna Casteneda- Roxanna is our Pastry/Sandwich Worker who will delight your palette with freshly prepared treats daily.  Roxanna has an Associates’ Degree in Culinary Arts as well as a Baking & Pastry Certification from the The Art Institute of Houston. Roxana’s delightful smile can be seen daily on our serving line.

Lupita Fuentes- Lupita brings a touch of Mom to our staff.  She has been cooking the old style Mexican way since she was a girl.  Lupita is not only one of our Pantry Workers, however, she also lends her talent and love to the dishes that she assists the Sous Chef with.  Lupita also can be seen daily on the hot line happily filling customers’ orders.

Dora Arriaga- Dora has been on our staff longer than any other current staff member.  She is a very valuable member of our team in that she keeps the presentation to the guests clean and neat.  Dora is mostly behind the scenes but takes great pride in providing quality to our guests on a daily basis.

Chantelle Smith- Chantelle is the newest member of our culinary team as a Pantry Worker for the Salad Bar.  Chantelle has been in the food service business for over 2 years and is currently pursuing her Assosiate’s of Baking & Pastry Arts Degree from the Art Institute of Houston and is scheduled to graduate at the end of September 2014.

Chrissy Kana- Chrissy is the Assistant to the Director of Food Services.  She helps where needed both in the front of the Café and in the kitchen.  She greets the guests and operates the cash only register during lunch.  Chrissy will be obtaining her Associates of Baking & Pastry Arts Degree in June 2014 and her Associates of Culinary Arts Degree in September 2014 from The Art Institute of Houston.

Roger Swanson- Roger is the Director of Food Services over the Café and has been in the restaurant industry most of his life.  He has a passion for food and like Julio, Roger brings a lifetime of practical kitchen knowledge, but also has a flair for the business side.  Roger is responsible for the overall friendly and down to earth atmosphere that each guest experiences, as well as the fine food quality and selections in the café overall.